A Mindset for Success

In the world of NLP, like other models there can be some slightly different views about these presuppositions. Generally there are around 20 to 25 where most schools will teach between 15 to 20 of them of their choice. They all fit perfectly within NLP. I have listed some of the presuppositions that I have found most useful. Try them on for yourself see how they change the way you look at things.

Have respect for other people's map of the world -

We all come from different backgrounds, we have all walked different paths and gone through different experiences which has led to different beliefs and attitudes, as a result we all have different points of view and opinions.

By recognising that there are differences, and respecting these different points of view, we learn to communicate from a more advanced level. 'People like people who take an interest in them...' Remember having respect for someone's model of the world does not mean that we agree with it, or like it, or accept it as valid. I only means that we can honour there point of view.

A part of communication mastery is being able to move to the same level of communication as the person you are relating with, this will create respect and rapport between you and the other person enabling you to be on the same level. Now you can move the person towards your intended outcome with ease.

There is no failure, only feedback -

If a person does not succeed in something, this does not mean they have failed. They simply have not succeeded yet. It took Thomas Eddison over 1000 attempts to finally breakthrough to successfully create the light bulb. Imagine if he thought to himself after several attempts, 'I'll never succeed as I keep failing'... How many times did you fall over in the attempt to learn how to walk. 'When something is not working try something different...' which by the way is another NLP presupposition.

Remember that if nothing in life has meaning except the one you give it, you can learn from these experiences and come back even stronger and better than you were previously. When you take this presupposition and you install it as an attitude it will change your life.

The Map is 'NOT' The Territory -

We can consider that the external world is the 'territory', and that the way people think, feel, believe, behave, and value, what we call their subjective experiences, as there 'map'. Most people believe that there 'map' is the territory that is because people respond to their 'map' of what they think is 'reality' and not to 'reality' itself (the territory). Everyone has a different map of what they think is real - this explains why people respond differently to different situations.

Your 'map' is made up of your values, beliefs through you life experiences which create filters within the mind. Therefore each and every time you make a choice, thought, decision etc, it is based upon your 'map' which is as you are now aware of a filtered 'reality' of the territory.

A few more NLP Presuppositions:

  • The meaning of communication is the response you get
  • People are doing the best they can with the resources they have available
  • People have all the resources they need to succeed and to achieve their desired outcomes
  • You are in charge of your mind, therefore your results
  • The Law of Requisite Variety: The system/person with the most flexibility of behaviour will control the system
  • The most important information about a person is that person's behaviour.
  • All procedures should increase choice and wholeness
  • The mind and body are connected and therefore affect each other
  • When you know better you can do better

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