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We are fully committed to maximising human potential

We Inspire through Education and the Transformation of people. Providing only the highest level NLP & Leadership programs, globally...

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NLP - The Psychology of Success

Have you ever wondered how some people continually create successful results? Or why some people notice more opportunities...

NLP was literally built on these types of questions - 'the difference that makes the difference...' for some of the world’s most successful people today in business; sports; sales and management; NLP is their tool of choice.

Your Trainer


One of Australia's
Leading Trainer's of NLP

Certified International NLP Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Master Performance Coach, Sports Psychology Consultant, DISC Consultant, Resilience Coach.


15 years of Coaching & Training Experience

I am very passionate about sharing this knowledge and personal experience's with others, and assisting them to achieve their highest potential.


Learn Modern Day NLP - Quantum Psychology

We believe that everyone who has their mental faculties (95% of population) has the qualities and resources deep within themselves to achieve greatness and success.

Our values

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    The Quantum Training Institute inspires through education and the transformation of people globally. The values that we aspire to are communication, integrity, achievement, passion, growth, service, support, continuous learning, commitment, excellence, and fun. We have assisted thousands of private, corporate clients and delegates...
  • Leadership Training
    Are you looking for skills that will enable you to  communicate at a much deeper level, skills to influence, coach and motivate others in your current or new leadership role? From management to leadership if you are looking to take your self management and coaching skills to a...