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A Mindset for Success

In the world of NLP, like other models there can be some slightly different views about these presuppositions. Generally there are around 20 to 25 where most schools will teach between 15 to 20 of them of their choice. They all fit perfectly within NLP. I have listed some of the presuppositions that I have…
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The 6 Principles for Success

 "If you continue to do what you always do... You'll continue to get what you always get..." 1. Know what you want What do you want? This is the definitive question. An outcome is what you want – a desired state, something you don’t have in your present state. Outcomes ‘come out’ when we achieve…
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What is The Mind?

What is the Mind? Thanks to Neuroscience, Quantum Biology and Quantum Physics we know that the mind is not the brain, and that the mind is entangled through every cell in the body (see Molecules of Emotion by Dr. Candace Pert) making it completely holographic. According to Einstein's teacher and Noble Prize winner Max Planck,…
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The Benefits of NLP

There are three main benefits of NLP Improve Communication Change Behaviours and Beliefs Model Excellence In other words if we (or someone else) can do something really well, how do we (or they) do it, and how can we (or they) replicate it when we (or they) want/need to? Improve Communication Communication is probably one…
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