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Date(s) - 3rd November, 2018 - 9th November, 2018
9:00 am - 5:30 pm

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Do you have a desire to make a valuable impact on other people around you by serving as a Coach who will assist them to make informed decisions in their relationships, careers, businesses, and lives to ensure they fulfill their life-long dreams?

Are you a Life Coach who is in need of a reputable certification to boost your profile?

Do you desire flexibility, satisfaction, and fulfillment in your life and career and want to seek new opportunities in your career as you are tired of the rat race mentality that keeps you at work from 9-5?

Have you ever wanted to work for yourself from the comfort of your home and have the freedom to choose your work day and hours?

We have the expertise to help you become an NLP Life Coach who will play a significant role in the lives of others and acts as an influencer as well as have a career that enables you to live your dreams.

We have the necessary tools to help you achieve incredible results in all areas of your personal life which encompasses career, marriages, business, and other segments.


Neuro Linguistic Psychology (NLP), is primarily focused on achieving results. We possess a potent and result-proven method that is focused on solutions as we utilize capable strategies to achieve success in various facets of human behavior.

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You are about to unveil the science that creates a life renowned for fulfillment, passion, motivation, and outstanding results. At Quantum NLP training institute in Brisbane, we are poised to offer you tested and result-proven strategies that are valuable in the world of applied psychology.

Have you been searching for a platform that allows you to enjoy more flexibility, stability, and confidence in life? NLP & Life Coach training is the perfect package you need to gain the required tools to achieve incredible results and live the life you have always dreamt of living.

What premium have you placed on achieving your goals in life? Do you know it is possible for you to start living the dream today and accomplish those fantastic results that have eluded you in the past? What are you waiting for?

  • Do you have the intention of living an excellent life filled with outstanding feats but seems to be confused about how to start the journey?
  • Do you feel an urge to improve your expertise but lacks the confidence to achieve that feat?
  • Discover a level of enhanced communication in your marital life, relationships, business, and workplace. Our training will help you influence other people and improve your communication skills which are required in the resolution of inevitable conflicts at home and the workplace.
  • NLP, supplies you with unrestricted access to reliable coaching tools and strategies which are aimed at assisting you to build a new set of skills to lead you to your desired lifestyle you have always wanted. These skills will help you to eliminate those negative habitual patterns you have developed over the years that are adversely affecting your life.
  • NLP will help you to build an influential attitude aimed at achieving excellent results throughout your life. Create positive relationships that will lead to a life of purpose.
  • Identify those negative perceptions that hold us back from moving forward.
  • You will also be taught how to set goals that are specific, achievable, and realistic which will guarantee consistent and positive outcomes.
  • With NLP training, you are able to proper manage your emotional state of mind. It is the most efficient and practical method that offers you concentrated focus and mental clarity you need to make informed decisions in critical times in your life such as business, marital life, workplace, sports and relationships. Choose to have a feasible plan to respond to situations instead of reacting.
  • NLP will expose you to result-proven tools and strategies that will empower you to be a master of your mind and hasten your success in all facets of your life which include relationships, career, sales, management, sports, coaching, leadership roles, and business life.
  • Become an influential person in the lives of other individuals as you learn to become a Leader who is bold – Live your dreams by influencing them to create their desired life which they have always wanted.
  • Acquire the necessary skills to motivate yourself and other individuals to achieve your desired results at a faster rate with the application of effective and verifiable strategies.
  • Stay in control of your destiny and live a life of purpose by designing that life you have always wanted to live. Start living a life focused on result achievement with Fulfillment, Passion, and Motivation.
  • The essence of the NLP training is to bring out your leadership skills so you can influence those around you to achieve more in their preferred field, in life, business, and career and we are committed to helping you achieve that accomplishment.

During your NLP Training Perth, you will learn:

  • The Study of Human Excellence
  • NLP frames for successful communication
  • Improved communication skills in business, sales, management etc
  • Learn powerful language patterns to achieve a new level of influence with precision & elegance
  • Learn how to persuade and influence through the art of communication
  • Learn the art of communicating within someone’s learning system to influence at much deeper level
  • Free yourself from negative self re-enforcing habits and behaviours
  • Discover how to achieve successful results you want in your life much faster
  • Become clear and align with your true purpose in life
  • Learn how to negotiate for win win situations
  • Update the software of your mind and build a mindset for success
  • Remove limitations, apprehensions and doubts to be free of whatever has been holding you back
  • How to create long lasting and deep meaningful relationships in life and business
  • Create long lasting outcomes that consistently create motivation, success and confidence
  • Discover how to manage your emotions and to master the control of your state
  • Understanding the Trance state of hypnosis and how to use it to influence others positively and effectively
  • Discover your timeline for letting go of negative emotions such as anger, stress, overwhelm etc
  • Learn How the Brain codes information and how we can change those codes
  • How to resolve internal/external conflict within yourself and/or the workplace
  • Develop a Powerful Mindset for Optimum Performance and Achievement
  • Learn how to create New behaviours for a more fulfilling life with others and self
  • Discover and Understand the relationship between Values and Motivation
  • Discover how to live with Self Empowerment and Confidence
  • Learn to Motivate others for Peak Performance in Life, Sports & Business
  • Learn Powerful Conversational Language Patterns to influence and bypass resistance
  • Learn Powerful Strategies – How we can upgrade and better our thinking patterns
  • Improve your thinking patterns for clarity and focus
  • Powerful techniques for creating life long strategies for success and happiness

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What you receive after you register for NLP Training Perth:

A fully accredited Australian NLP Training Institution must meet the required international NLP standards set by the Australian Board of NLP (ABNLP). For our certification courses to meet the required International NLP standards we must cover certain criteria. NLP Practitioner Certification (Level 1) requires a combination of home-study, live training and classroom assignments to complete the required criteria and hours set for the course.

To qualify for the NLP Practitioner Certification there is a small amount of pre course study. This you can complete in your own time and at your own pace. The pre-course study pack has been allocated 40/50 hours, which you can get started with now at your own convenience.

Pre Course Study Pack Consists Of… 
An Introduction to NLP: 3X audio CD’s by two of the world’s leading NLP Trainers and authors Joseph O’Connor and Ian McDermott, plus carefully chosen informative and easy to understand reading material that is perfect to get you on your way to learning and understanding NLP.

NLP Practitioner Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne  NLP Leadership Coach / Practitioner NLP Practitioner Course Special

Your pre-course study pack will be mailed to you as soon as your deposit has been received.

Ongoing Training & Support

FREE Ongoing Monthly Training & Support
To continue mastering your NLP skills we includes FREE ongoing monthly practice in both Perth, WA and on the Gold Coast, QLD as well as ongoing telephone and email support. You are also eligible to join The Australian Board of NLP (ABNLP) as a Certified Member and/or The Association of NLP (ANLP) UK which comes with it’s own support and benefits including discounts with insurance for those wishing to go on and practice NLP in a coaching or therapeutic environment.

Take Action today by joining us on your journey to Human Excellence and Success. Surround yourself with like-minded people and the right environment to support your growth, success and taking charge of your life, right now. When is NOW the right time – CALL US NOW …You deserve it.

NLP Certification / Accreditation

NLP Training Brisbane  NLP Leadership Coach / Practitioner 23658487 1767438416630925 1187990621937736422 nUpon successful completion of the NLP Practitioner Certification you will be eligible to join The Australian Board of NLP (ABNLP) as a Certified Member and/or The Association of NLP (ANLP).

Our courses follow and teach the International standards for NLP allowing your NLP qualifications to be recognised in Australia and globally.

You will receive 3 Certifications –

NLP Practitioner Certification
NLP Coaching Certification
Ericksonian Hypnosis (Level 1)

* Our NLP Educational Training Programs are internationally recognised and meet the minimum requirements of the Australian Board of NLP (ABNLP) and Association of NLP (ANLP).

OPD Points for Australian Counselling Association members –

All ACA members will receive 48 OPD points on completing this course.

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Registration for Fully Accredited NLP Training Perth:

Dates: November 03 – 09 – 2018

Early Bird Special: $2297.00 (Register Now Still Available – until friday 26th October)

*** Please Note Early Bird Registrations MUST be Paid in FULL by the close of EB Registration, as mentioned above ***

Full Cost: $3297.00

Click Here To Register

…deposits and payments for this course can be made using paypal, credit card (click button above to register) or
bank direct deposit – click here – to download a copy of the course prospectus for banking details).

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