NLP & Life Coach Diploma (Intake 1)

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Date(s) - 4th May, 2018 - 31st January, 2019
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ARE YOU READY – to Make An Massive Impact With YOUR Clients, Creating Optimum Results..?

ARE YOU READY – to Go One Step Further AND Develop your NLP & Coaching skills to a Much Deeper Level..?

ARE YOU READY – to Make a Huge Influence on other people’s lives by bringing out there Full Potential..?

IF YOU SAID YES to any of the above questions …
You’re amongst an Elite group …An ACHIEVER – If YOU want to BECOME THE BEST YOU HAVE TO TRAIN WITH THE BEST – don’t you think…?

DO YOU Want to Be Among The MOST SUCCESSFUL Performance and Results Based Coaches in the World’s Fastest Growing Career – ‘The Field of Coaching’Life coaching perth sydney melbourne brisbane  NLP & Life Coach Diploma (Intake 1) business coaching

“Our NLP & Life Coaching Diploma course has been designed to give you the best experiential experience you will need to become THE BEST & Most Confident Coach in your field…”

This Course is A LIVE Face to Face Course AND NOT ONLINE like some other Coaching Diploma’s in Australia. You will be trained by one of Australia’s leading Performance Coaches with over 15 yrs experience

That’s Right… If you’re looking to Assist others in Achieving Better Results in their lives, and to find more happiness and fulfilment….. then The Diploma of NLP & Life Coaching certification course is PERFECT for YOU … ALL YOU NEED NOW is the The Tools AND The Strategies for Success…

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At Quantum Training Institute we Specialise in Performance Coaching AND Achieving Results… With OVER 15 yrs Experience working in the field of Coaching AND Human Behaviour …we’ve been Coaching & Training Leaders, Champion Athletes, Coaches, Business Owners, Scientists, Doctors, Psychologists, AND Entrepreneurs for over 12 years with Amazing Success.

‘I believe QTI has created The Best & Most Affordable Fully Accredited & Fully LIVE & FACE TO FACE NLP & Life Coaching Training Course in Australia…’ – Shane Stevenson, Phd. Master Coach

Coaching course brisbane, perth, melbourne  NLP & Life Coach Diploma (Intake 1) Coaching Cycle LifeOur unique NLP & Life Coaching Diploma Certification Program will train YOU To Become among Australia’s most highly qualified AND Elite Coaches on the market…

You will Complete (Level 1) NLP Practitioner / Leadership Coach AND (Level 2) NLP Master Coach / Practitioner
ALL within the 12 Month Diploma of NLP & Life Coaching Course…

Then You Will Complete a further 80 hrs Face TO Face Advanced Training & Coaching with plenty of hands on practice over a 12 month period, learning more Advance Coaching frameworks, skills, tools and techniques – enabling you to gain self confidence and belief within your skill level and knowledge at a much deeper level.

This is a LIVE Coaching Course AND NOT Online… Like Some Coaching Courses – ‘You will get plenty of FACE TO FACE coaching experience coaching real life people – under supervision – David Wright, head trainer QTI

nlp life coaching brisbane  NLP & Life Coach Diploma (Intake 1) nlp coaching brisbane

During the 12 Monthly Diploma training units you will have plenty of opportunity to coach Real Live clients Face to Face under an experienced supervisor.

You can’t beat hands on experience to develop self confidence and competence before heading out into the field to begin your coaching practice.
We will be working closely alongside you throughout the year Coaching and Mentoring you in the development of your coaching skills with others. OR if YOU feel confident enough YOU Can begin coaching other immediately after your NLP Practitioner / Leadership Coaching Certification Course (Level 1) and begin earning $$$ from your coaching sessions immediately.

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HOW Does it ALL Work..? — HOW Can I REGISTER..?

WAIT until YOU SEE WHAT YOU Receive When YOU SIGN UP for OUR NLP & Life Coaching Diploma….

The ROAD to YOUR NLP & Life Coaching Diploma

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There Are 3 Entry Pathways into the Entire LIVE Face to Face NLP & Life Coaching Diploma Program…

1… I have NO NLP Experience

A: If this is you, you will need to complete Levels 1 and 2 – NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner along with your 80hrs face to face Advanced training to complete the Diploma in NLP & Life Coaching. You can begin your Diploma training once you have a completed your Level 1 NLP Practitioner Certification Training.

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2… I’ve Completed NLP Practitioner

A: Congratulations… You have direct entry into the Diploma program at anytime however you will need to complete your NLP Master Practitioner Level 2 within the a 12 month timeframe before completing your Diploma in NLP & Life Coaching.
(You can begin immediately and complete NLP Master Practitioner Level 2 through the year with QTI)

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3… I’ve Completed NLP Practitioner & Masters

A: Congratulations… You have direct entry into the Diploma program at anytime, as long as you have been trained by a Fully Accredited NLP Training Company and ALL International NLP Accredited standards were met.
(Proof of certificates and training company we will be required)
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NO EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED to ENTER the NLP & Life Coaching Diploma Program YOU DO NOT need any Qualifications or Experience as YOU will will Trained & Mentored by One of Australia’s Leading NLP Trainers & Peak Performance Coaches…

How does the NLP & Life Coaching Diploma Program work?

nlp training brisbane, melbourne, perth  NLP & Life Coach Diploma (Intake 1) img1I believe we have put together one of the BEST NLP & Life Coaching Diploma Courses in Australia…

How do I know that? Because …When You Complete 12 Months Training with Quantum Training & Coaching Institute You will be amongst THE BEST qualified NLP & Life Coaches in Australia AND to get YOU there –

CHECK OUT THE VALUE Below and what you will receive when YOU SIGN UP with Quantum Training & Coaching Institute during YOUR 12 months of Training.

nlp & life coaching perth, brisbane, melbourne  NLP & Life Coach Diploma (Intake 1) workshops

I cannot think of any training organisation in Australia that qualifies their Life Coaching students to the level of NLP Master Practitioner within the diploma certification training. This is very unique and of a very high standard of qualification.

There ARE TWO Enrolment Periods in each state …(WA – QLD – Vic)….
Enrolments Always follow a Level 1 NLP Practitioner Course in your state…


If you are Certified as a Level 1 NLP Practitioner OR Level 2 NLP Master Practitioner YOU CAN ENROL in your Diploma Training NOW –

REMEMBER Level 1 & Level 2 MUST be Completed to RECEIVE your diploma certification – If you are NLP Practitioner (Level 1) certified you can complete your Fully Accredited NLP Masters (Level 2) with us at very competitive rate – in fact cheaper than anywhere in Australia, this is included in OPTION 2 Click here to see more

When You Enrol:

free life coaching course  NLP & Life Coach Diploma (Intake 1) wpid wait theres more

You will RECEIVE an amazing amount of value in Fact OVER $12,000 worth as well as Complete Support 365 days a year from QTI, until You SUCCEED in your Coaching business…. You will be entered into our Mastermind Group with FULL Benefits see below…


• Attend 80 hours of Advanced LIVE Face to Face In class training (10 Days in total throughout the year)

• Conduct Real Live Coaching Sessions under expert coaching supervision

Training & Supervised Coaching – This is NOT a ONLINE Course like Other Diplomas

• Attend FREE Any of Our LIVE 2 Day Short CoursesCognitive NLP Coaching & Advanced Timeline Coaching in your area

Refresh Levels 1 & 2 NLP Accredited Training Courses throughout the year FREE (can only refresh courses completed with QTI)

• Receive FREE 10 Online Short Courses
• Receive FREE Monthly Group Online Coaching Sessions with Diploma students
• Entry to Our Live Mastermind Facebook Group (Diploma Students ONLY)
• Receive FREE 12 Months of Ongoing Mentoring

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• Receive 20% OFF any other trainings OR Retreats (Mindset 2 Success Seminars/Courses)

• Receive FREE 24/7 Access Entry to our video vault – with up to 30 videos (updated regularly) on NLP & Coaching Tools, Techniques, Strategies and information for online support and development.

diploma of life coaching brisbane, perth, melbourne, sydney  NLP & Life Coach Diploma (Intake 1) Zildjian j1 e1514972564333Take Action today by joining us on your journey to Human Excellence and Success. Surround yourself with like-minded people and the right environment to support your growth, success and taking charge of your life, right now. When is NOW the right time – CALL US NOW …You deserve it.

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diploma of life coaching brisbane, perth, melbourne, sydney  NLP & Life Coach Diploma (Intake 1) Zildjian j1 e1514972564333Fully Accredited NLP & Life Coaching Diploma Training & Coaching Programs

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