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Welcome to our FREE Monthly Skills and Development training page...

Where we fully support our students with our regular ongoing training evenings. A place to come together network and discuss ongoing NLP tools, techniques and further coaching skill development.

As we all know to really get that extra confidence with our skills we need to continue to practice until we embed these skills deep into our muscle memory.

We have set up trainings and development days / evenings in both Perth and The Gold Coast for our students and also for those with an interest or curiosity around NLP in general.

For those with an interest and would like to attend you are very welcome - AND why not bring a friend as well, and meet people of like mind.

You will be under expert supervision at all times and any questions and information you want to know about can be discussed in a friendly low key environment.

Our meetup's will give you insight and direction as to how to design a life of success and fulfilment by teaching you some skills and professional coaching advice and lectures to take action and create successful results in your life, career and business much faster.

If you want to practice your already learnt skills and polish them even further under expert supervision, we supply a secure environment with a whole lot of experience to back it up. Or maybe you are just beginning your journey of self development or curious about NLP and Emotional Intelligence.

Whether you are a NLP Master Practitioner, Interested in self development, Curious about coaching and NLP or are looking to perhaps register on an upcoming NLP Certification Course - You are welcome to come along to our FREE monthly meetup's.

Perth NLP Training Monthly  Practice Group Monthly  Practice Group March01If you are looking to meet people of like mind come along and enjoy an evening of discussion, mind blowing information, techniques, learning new skills and practice.

Registration: We ask you that you register for FREE at our meetup website as this will allow you to rsvp your place on the night as numbers are limited and you will also be notified of upcoming dates.

If you have any questions or would just like to have a chat with someone before you come along then feel free to give us a quick call 0403 922 765 or email us at info@quantumtraininginstitute.com

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