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The Evolution of Leadership...

As long as there have been leaders, there have been those who tried to determine how and why they were successful. Leadership itself has not evolved, but our understanding of it has. It is important to understand why very different leadership styles can be effective, why the same leadership techniques will not work in every situation, and which leadership style fits your personality best. Everyone has leadership potential within them, but understanding these concepts will help you maximize your leadership ability.


Simply speaking, "leadership" is defined as "the ability to lead." Unfortunately, this is not very helpful. A better definition comes from the BNETonline Business Dictionary: "The capacity to establish direction and to influence and align others toward a common goal, motivating and committing them to action and making them responsible for their performance." Although this is more descriptive, it is not substantial. It does not tell us what leadership actually is, but rather what it does.EIQ-Leadership  Leadership & Influence EIQ Leadership


Research has consistently demonstrated that when clear goals are associated with learning that the learning occurs more easily and rapidly. With that in mind, let’s review our goals for today Influence is subtle, yet incredibly powerful. You can order someone to do a task, but you cannot order them to do their best. It simply does not work and usually has the opposite effect. You can influence people to do their best by providing a strong, motivating example in addition to positive reinforcement. Leadership addresses tasks, while influence addresses attitudes and awareness. Influence is the soul of leadership.

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
• Define "leadership"
• Explain the Great Man Theory
• Explain the Trait Theory
• Understand Transformational Leadership
• Understand the people you lead and how to adapt your leadership styles
• Explain leading by Directing
• Explain leading by Coaching
• Explain leading by Participating
• Explain leading by Delegating
• Kouzes and Posner
• Conduct a personal inventory
• Create an action plan
• Establish personal goals

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