Emotional Intelligence Certification


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This Emotional Intelligence Certificate Course will teach you how to really amplify and move a person’s life to a much higher level – Learn to coach others as well as yourself – Apply it in the workplace to yourself and/or others – Learning these Emotional Intelligence skills in will take your business, career and life to a much higher level.



This course is a hands-on informative and transformational 2 day course that will enable you to have more Emotional Intelligence; stability and balance throughout your life.

Learn how Emotional Intelligence can really amplify your life to a higher level of understanding with yourself and others: apply it in the workplace; sports; business; management; relationships; communication; and many more places within your life?

• Learn how to intelligently control your emotions and become empowered rather than controlled?

• Do you feel you are capable of achieving so much more but something inside you keeps holding you back from achieving your desired outcomes?

• Learn Powerful proven skills and techniques to become more in control of your mind and body, enabling you to be more assertive and self-assured.

• Upgrade any limiting beliefs that maybe holding you back from achieving success in both your life and/or career that is available to us all.

• Understanding The Secret Language of Feelings and what they are communicating to us can make a huge difference in our lives, once we know what our emotions are communicating.

• Become the Master of your own States ... and allow more freedom, clarity and focus in your life. Learn to choose your state in powerful moments for control.

• Learn how to shift those old negative habitual feelings that can make us feel stuck.

• Understand the Science of Emotion and how it attracts through the unconscious mind

• Learn how to finally deal with Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelm, and depressive states and remove inner conflicts fast and simple.

• Discover The Science of the Heart and its Power to eliminate fear and how to become more intelligent and intuitive by harnessing your emotional power.

• Become more focused and clear minded through developing your brain power for clear rational more conscious decision making.


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