Emotional Intelligence

    • This course is a hands-on informative and transformational 2 day course that will enable you to have more Emotional Intelligence; stability and balance throughout your life.
    • Learn how Emotional Intelligence can really amplify your life to a higher level of understanding with yourself and others: apply it in the workplace; sports; business; management; relationships; communication; and many more places within your life?
    • Learn how to intelligently control your emotions and become empowered rather than controlled?
    • Do you feel you are capable of achieving so much more but something inside you keeps holding you back from achieving your desired outcomes?
    • Learn Powerful proven skills and techniques to become more in control of your mind and body, enabling you to be more assertive and self-assured.EIQ-Leadership emotional intelligence Emotional Intelligence EIQ Leadership
    • Upgrade any limiting beliefs that maybe holding you back from achieving success in both your life and/or career that is available to us all.
    • Understanding The Secret Language of Feelings and what they are communicating to us can make a huge difference in our lives, once we know what our emotions are communicating.
    • Become the Master of your own States ... and allow more freedom, clarity and focus in your life. Learn to choose your state in powerful moments for control.
    • Learn how to shift those old negative habitual feelings that can make us feel stuck.
    • Understand the Science of Emotion and how it attracts through the unconscious mind.
    • Learn how to finally deal with Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelm, and Depressive states and remove inner conflicts fast and simple.
    • Discover The Science of the Heart and its Power to eliminate fear and how to become more intelligent and intuitive by harnessing your emotional power.
    • Become more focused and clear minded through developing your brain power for clear rational more conscious decision making.

 During Emotional Intelligence Training, you will learn:

  • Emotional Intelligence for higher intelligence, clearer thought patterns, self-control
  • Learn to shift your perception from stress to be able to live more in joy and happiness
  • Create a life of Self-Empowerment & Confidence
  • How to become more consciously aware of the signals that life reflects back to us
  • How to eliminate negative self-talk
  • How the mind is made up of different personalities (masks), not one personality like once thought
  • Understand the Science of vibration - The language of the mind
  • The Science of The Heart for Peak Performance in Life, Sports & Business
  • Understand The Emotional Guidance System and minimise the impact of negative emotions
  • Learn how to motivate yourself towards success and fulfilment
  • Discover how to create more deeper lasting relationships
  • Learn to control nerves in a profound moment (exams, interviews, public/sporting events, etc)
  • How to strengthen your immune system with little effort
  • Build your Emotional Resilience and emotional threshold levels for more calmness and control
  • The functions of The Unconscious Mind & how to communicate directly with your mind
  • Learning the 'The Law of Reflection' lets us understand ourselves at a much deeper level
  • Understanding the signals they are communicating to us to take action - Action Signals
  • Learn how to change your states of mind instantaneously
  • Learn through heart intelligence - how to develop more intuition and intelligence
  • Understand The Molecules of Emotion - 'Neuropeptides what are they?'
  • Resolve Inner Conflict and live more in harmony and creativity
  • Learn how to create New Beliefs for powerful attraction and results
  • Anchoring - for creating optimal performance and managing your state
  • Manage your emotional state and improve your thinking patterns with clarity & focus
  • Language Patterns for finding truth and purpose behind emotions
  • Learn 12 Powerful proven techniques for use on yourself or others for health and wellbeing

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Who will benefit from Emotional Intelligence Training?

  • Anyone who is stuck in a certain area of life and is looking for more choices both Men & Women
  • Business / Sales Managers of all levels
  • Sportswomen & men; Actors; Dancers; Musicians and more; All levels of performance
  • People who are affected by emotions on a day to day basis
  • People wanting to instil long deep lasting relationships
  • Parents and future parents
  • Anyone into or looking into Self / Personal / Human development
  • People looking for emotional freedom in their everyday life
  • If you make major decisions in your business / career / life / sport but have trouble doing so
  • Anyone who is looking to be more in control of their state in the family - friends - workplace relationships and everyday situations
  • Public Speakers and Entertainers
  • People who generally gravitate to these emotions at least twice a week Anger, Depression, Fear & Anxiety, Sadness
  • Therapists, Counsellors, Psychologists looking to create more depth, knowledge, understanding into their practice & 12 New techniques for creating successful results
  • Artists / Performers looking to develop more creativity in their life or work
  • Anyone looking to live a more empowered, motivated fulfilling life

Everyone and anyone can benefit from learning Emotional Intelligence as it's a major part

of life. It is well known that if you cannot control your emotional state you're life in general will certainly be affected and usually not in a positive way, whether that's in the context of business, sports, management, parenting, relationships, business or personal development. Learning Emotional Intelligence will allow you to take back your life in the most profound way by being in control of your state, your mind and your body, you will develop more creativity, clarity and become more focused in all area's of your life ...

'You become the Master of your destiny'... Its Life Mastery ...

 Emotional Intelligence Certification / Accreditation

The Emotional Intelligence Course is a 2 day event for all levels of education and understanding.

This course accredits you with an Emotional Intelligence Coach Certification.