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QTI Training Portfolio QTI Training Portfolio workshopsWe deliver high quality fully accredited Educational NLP Training Programmes at the most affordable rates in Perth, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Australia. We also offer a fast track approach to training which means that you can cut down the number of training room hours.

We combine this with a comprehensive pre-course home study pack (reading material and audio CDs) when signing up to our NLP Practitioner / Leadership and Master Practitioner / Life Mastery Certification Programs.

At Quantum Training Institute, we believe it makes sense to train NLP by using the powerful tools and strategies of NLP. We understand that each person learns differently - so we cater for all learning styles, this will assist and accelerate an individuals learning strategy. Coupled with our motivational and passionate style of training, along with the delegates own intentions and goals in mind - delegates get to complete our NLP Training Certification Programs with knowledge and confidence. Using it in their daily lives and careers as soon as they are certified.

Accredited NLP Certification Trainings

Quantum Training Institute facilitates high quality fully accredited Educational NLP Training Programmes in Perth - Gold Coast and Brisbane Australia.

NLP Leadership & Communication Diploma
(This training course is available for small groups, corporate and business's. A powerful communication course to develop leadership and sales skills; as well as development)

You will receive 3 days of high quality NLP Educational Training:
NLP Diploma - (note this is not a recognised NLP training in Australia, only in the UK)

NLP Practitioner / Leadership Coach Certification
You will receive 8 days of high quality NLP Educational Training and 3 accredited Certificates:  NLP Practitioner - NLP Coach - Ericksonian Hypnosis (Level 1)

NLP Master Practitioner / Coach Certification
 You will receive 9 days of high quality NLP Educational Training and 3 accredited Certificates:  NLP Master Practitioner - NLP Master Coach - Ericksonian Hypnosis (Level 2)

Non Accredited Certification Trainings

Discovering NLP - (1/2 or 1 full day training)
(This training is adaptable to small groups, corporate and business's)
(* Cost and Conditions may vary according to hours)

Mindset for Success - The Science of Achievement - Empower Your Life
(Our motivational seminars are available for small or large audiences, corporate and business's.  Our very popular seminars are trained around the country and overseas)

Emotional Intelligence Certification - (1 or 2 days training*)
(This training course is also available for corporate and private business training -
* Cost and Conditions may vary according to environment, numbers and hours for corporate and businesses.

Public Speaking Engagements -
(Cost will vary according to conditions of agreement)

What are you waiting for ...when is NOW is the right time to create a life of what YOU want!

Take Action and Sign up for one of Quantum Trainings Certification Courses NOW

NOTE - The only pre-requisite for any of our NLP Trainings is for our Master Practitioner training. NLP Practitioner Level must be completed before attending our Master Practitioner Certification (Certificate must be produced before making payment).

QTI Training Portfolio QTI Training Portfolio img1NLP has become one of the most popular modalities in the western world today. With its amazingly simple but powerful tools that anyone can learn very easily. It's one of the most powerful experience an individual can go through in their life as it teaches - how the mind functions and creates experiences and behaviours. How we do what we do and how to change what isn't working within your own mind so as to achieve the results you really want.

Understanding the powerful teachings of NLP will enable you to get the things you want in life much faster and with ease. QTI Training Portfolio QTI Training Portfolio Yes

Our mission at The Quantum Training Institute is to assist you in achieving your goals and outcomes in life using the amazing powerful tools and strategies of NLP.

Learn to live with Motivation - Passion and Fulfilment.

...NLP has developed into the most powerful modality on the planet today for creating success - Psychology Today Magazine

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business leadership and influence course gold coast, brisbane, perth Authored by Quantum Training Institute CEO - Founder, & International NLP Trainer & Performance Coach David Wright BSc DipSpPsych DCH MNLP
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