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The Quantum Training Institute inspires through education and the transformation of people globally. The values that we aspire to are communication, integrity, achievement, passion, growth, service, support, continuous learning, commitment, excellence, and fun.

We have assisted thousands of private, corporate clients and delegates through our live and online trainings, seminars and private practice. Creating powerful life changing results in their businesses, sports and stage performances, relationships, careers, family and parenting, and personal challenges.

We train Internationally Accredited NLP Certification Educational Programs...

We offer a number of fully accredited live NLP Education Certification Programs, along with several Online, Personal Development and Emotional Intelligence Trainings and Seminars throughout the year in Brisbane, Perth and the Gold Coast Australia.

Our certification courses are fully accredited both in Australia and internationally and meet all the requirements of the Australian Board of NLP (ABNLP) and the Association of NLP (ANLP).

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NLP and Emotional Intelligence Training is aimed at training people to use their own brains at a much higher level (higher potential) than the average individual. This gives a person more control, stability, confidence and motivation within their lives business, career by improving communication skills with themselves and others. NLP develops a persons performance and leadership skills to a much higher level in their sports, business, sales, management, relationships and life in general.

QTI is deeply committed to ‘maximising human potential’ and providing the very best in NLP, and to participating in creating leadership in the field, globally, for quality and standards — and to having NLP make a contribution at the highest levels of human thinking and action.

Company Overview

Quantum Training Institute was established to provide leadership and transformational education programs to people wanting to breakthrough to new levels of success in the ALL areas of Mindset; Business, Sports, Coaching, Leadership and Management, Sales and Marketing and Health & Wellbeing. We aim to inspire and equip people to lead highly successful and fulfilling lives using cutting-edge skills learned through NLP and the Quantum Training Institute.


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According to Quantum Biology at least 95% of people on our planet today are born with the same neurology, and of those 95% - Quantum Training Institute believes that everyone who has their mental faculties has the qualities and resources deep within themselves to achieve greatness and success. We pride ourselves on guiding each individual student to reach the unlimited heights of success - a natural state within all human beings.

'We All Have Potential for Genius ...' - NLP Presupposition

Mission Statement

"Our mission is to inspire people to grow and transform in order to reach their highest potential - creating a life of health, happiness, and wellbeing along the way."

David Wright BSc MNLP DCH
Director of Training - Quantum Training Institute

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