The Benefits of NLP

There are three main benefits of NLP

  • Improve Communication
  • Change Behaviours and Beliefs
  • Model Excellence

In other words if we (or someone else) can do something really well, how do we (or they) do it, and how can we (or they) replicate it when we (or they) want/need to?

Improve Communication

Communication is probably one thing that we do as humans practically every minute of our lives, we are always communicating something to someone or ourselves. Have you ever communicated with someone, thinking that you both knew what each other meant, and afterwards you were surprised at their interpretation, or they were surprised at yours, or both? What about two people responding to the same event differently?

NLP provides us with a set of communication tools which reduce this kind of miscommunication and help you to produce better results faster. Psychology tells us that we have over 60,000 thoughts per day so being able to communicate with ourselves in a positive and respectful way goes a long way to building self belief and confidence.

Changing Behaviours and Beliefs

NLP has many tools to help with changing beliefs and behaviours. You may ask why would I want to do that? Well, we all developed a set of beliefs from our childhood and most of us still continue to operate with these beliefs today in our adult world. A lot of these beliefs and behaviours are habitual and out dated and are usually what is behind people not being able to reach their desired goals and outcomes. Beliefs such as, 'I can't become a good athlete' or 'I can't become a good manager' or 'I have to know it all before I do this or that'. All of these beliefs are out dated and false but we continue to use them. NLP has numerous ways to help people remove and replace their beliefs with more positive beliefs that will move you in the right direction for success.

Model Excellence

Finding out how someone does something well and replicating it is one of the main aspects of NLP. In NLP it's called modelling excellence. How does that person achieve what they do? How do they keep their nerve under pressure? How do they think positive thoughts consistently? What makes them better than the others? How does a teacher know when to move on and that the students have learned what they need to know about the topic?

What do you do well? How do you do it well? What are you thinking, feeling, believing? What is your physiology whilst doing it? What are some of your own strategies for excellence, and can you replicate them regularly? NLP shows us how we can map a strategy from someone else or ourselves and use it or install it in another context with great success.

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