David Ginn: Combining Science and Compassion in Patient Care

With over 10 years of experience as a Physician Assistant and a Doctor of Medical Science degree in Global Health, David Ginn is a dedicated healthcare professional who combines science and compassion in patient care. As an Assistant Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Augusta University, he has a strong background in computer science that allows him to leverage technology and data to improve health outcomes and efficiency.

A Diverse Background

David Ginn’s journey in healthcare began when he enlisted in the United States Army Reserves and received an ROTC scholarship from Florida Southern College. After earning his Bachelor’s Degree in computer science, he transitioned to becoming a Transportation Officer in the Regular Army. His deployment to Iraq as a platoon leader further shaped his understanding of the importance of providing quality healthcare to service members and civilians in high-stress environments.

Education and Specialization

Following his military service, David Ginn pursued a Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. This comprehensive education equipped him with the knowledge and skills needed to address complex health issues in diverse populations. His experience as a Physician Assistant in various military units and medical centers honed his ability to deliver compassionate and effective patient care.

Advocating for Health Equity and Justice

As a healthcare provider, David Ginn is committed to advocating for health equity and justice. His expertise in global health and military medicine allows him to address the unique healthcare needs of different communities and populations. By collaborating with diverse teams and stakeholders, he strives to ensure that all individuals have access to high-quality healthcare services.

Demonstrating Proper Medical Procedures

David Ginn is actively involved in training and educating others on proper medical procedures, especially in emergency situations. His work with the Islands Department of Health and emergency medical services demonstrates his dedication to ensuring the safety and well-being of both patients and healthcare providers. Through simulated health care settings and hands-on demonstrations, he emphasizes the importance of following protocols and guidelines for optimal patient care.

Promoting Health and Well-being

In his role as a Physician Assistant, David Ginn is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of those he serves. Whether providing minor medical assistance in remote locations or participating in medical missions, he consistently demonstrates his commitment to making a positive impact on individuals’ lives. His recent promotion to Lieutenant Colonel is a testament to his leadership and expertise in the field of healthcare.


David Ginn exemplifies the values of dedication, compassion, and expertise in patient care. With a strong background in global health, military medicine, and technology, he continues to make a significant difference in the lives of those he serves. By combining science and compassion, he sets a standard of excellence in healthcare delivery and advocacy for health equity and justice. David Ginn’s work serves as an inspiration to healthcare professionals and patients alike, highlighting the importance of holistic and compassionate care in improving health outcomes.

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